World of Warcraft: Legion 7.1

Legion 7.1 due to hit PTR very soon.

Blizzard is set to release the new 7.1 patch onto PTR realms for all to enjoy. It comes roughly two weeks following the release of Legion; with the news falling happily on the ears of all Warcraft players where the general consensus seems to be that new content is king.

But what can we expect from Blizzard’s first addition to Legion?


The ‘Mega Dungeon’

The new 5-man dungeon in the 7.1 patch will have players returning to the shady areas of Deadwind Pass for a recreation of one of the most highly regarded raids in the game; Karazhan. The so-called ‘Mega Dungeon’ will boast new bosses and plenty of new territory to get your teeth stuck into. But it doesn’t stop there; Blizzard has boasted ‘generous’ rewards for your troubles whilst returning to the infamous tower, with some of the early tier raid gear dropping from its inhabitants.

It comes with a catch though – You’ll need to complete an attunement quest to get access – Pay Khadgar a visit to get the ball rolling and you’ll be surrounded with all the spectres and servants that line the tower’s halls within no time. Don’t fret if you’re a fan of farming the old Karazhan raid either – The developers have promised that it will remain unchanged with the exception of relocating the dungeon’s entrance.

Trial of Valor

The new Blizzard patch has brought along with it a new raid; Trial of Valor. This raid is on the smaller side, challenging the visitors with just three bosses; Odyn, Guarm and Helya. Each will bring with them a myriad of obstacles to cause affliction to their raiding guests. Expect heavy doses of AoE and ground obstacles – Mastering the mechanics should get your hands on the loot if your first attempts don’t go as planned. The progression of the Trial of Valor should sit somewhere between the Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold raids; meaning that the all important loot should clock in at around the 880-905 iLvl. Unlike 7.1’s Karazhan, you don’t need attunement to enter the Trial of Valor. However, quests should be plentiful once inside – A journey into Illidan’s story looks to be available and should prove valuable and quality content.

Suramar Quests

An expansion to the Suramar quests is expected in patch 7.1 – opening up new storylines and world quests with a view to rounding up the Suramaritan achievement. Questers look to take on the Nightborne in this section of the patch, in an attempt to weaken those that prop up Gul’Dan. It is expected to come in the form of a weekly campaign lasting just over two months, rotating quests each week. Following this we should see the opening of the Nighthold raid. To get a head start before the release, it’s probably a good shout to ramp up your Nightfallen rep as much as you can – This will open up some additional questing for players looking to go the extra mile.

‘On the money’

Blizzard is looking to make a statement by the looks of things – They intend to silence some critics whose main gripes seem to be lack of new content. Releasing the 7.1 patch in such a short time following the Legion release just shows Blizzard’s commitment to the game and the players. Hats off to them on that front; they’ve listened to the community and responded. Following how well Legion has been received amongst players, the 7.1 patch looks to follow suit. It provides some exciting prospects for players whilst simultaneously giving an incentive to explore the content to make the most of future patches. Blizzard can do no wrong with this one in my eyes; they’re right on the money.



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Ade is ESTO's resident 'Mr Fix It'. He works as an IT Specialist for a local University. Keen player of WoW and Counter Strike. Loves to slap the bass.

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