StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 Quarter Finals

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StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 Quarter Finals come to an end today.

With just two more rounds to reach the final, all was at stake in the quarters on the fourth day. The group winners were all back in action after taking a day away from competing. They met the other group qualifiers who  had to go through an extra days action.


Cloud9 2-1 FlipSid3 Tactics


The first match of the day was between Cloud9 and FlipSid3 Tactics. It started out on Overpass with Cloud9 on the T side first. FlipSid3 opened up the scoring taking the first 3 rounds but Cloud9 came back strong and took 11 of the remaining 12 rounds. The second half was a closer game but Cloud9 edged it and ended the game 16-8.

The next game was on Train with FlipSide starting out on T side. Cloud9 went 2-1 in the lead before FlipSid3 came back and won the first half 11-4.  Then after the switch FlipSid3 were able to take 5 rounds they needed and the score ended 16-8.

The last map was Mirage and it must of been music to Cloud9’s ears. They haven’t lost on Mirage in 11 games. You saw this form replicated on the map and they just weren’t going to lose. They ended up wining the final game with plenty of breathing space at 16-5.


Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-1 Astralis


The second match of the day saw Nip take on Astralis. NiP had secured their place in the quarters after winning their opening games whereas Astralis did well to get out of a tough group. Cache was the map for the first game and Astralis led most of the game. They went into the switch 10-5 up needing 6 rounds to secure the first game. They got the 6 rounds and NiP could only respond with 1 rounds themselves.

We moved over to Dust 2 for the next game with NiP on T side first. The rounds were very even for the first 5 but then Astralis showed strength and good plays to take the first half 11-5. This is where NiP went into overdrive and completely dominated the switch. It was a brilliant comeback with Astralis having no answers it ended with NiP winning 16-12.

Overpass was the setting for the final map with it being hard to split the two teams.  NiP started out on the CT side and won the first 6 rounds and then continued to dominate play winning 12-3 before the switch. It was to much to ask for Astralis to come back into the game and the game ended 16-6 in favour of NiP.


G2 Esports 2-0 Team EnVyUs


The third quarter final saw Team EnVyUs take on Group B winners G2 Esports. The match opened up on Dust 2 with G2 Esports on T side. It was very even with EnVyUs taking the first 3 rounds and G2 Esports responding with the next 3. The score went 5-5 and then G2 Esports pulled ahead and took the remaining rounds to take it to 10-5. EnVyUs responded immeditaly however and the second half saw them bring the score back to 10-10. Then the rounds were split down the middle with teams seeming inseperable until G2 pulled ahead and took the game 16-14.

Next up was Cobblestone with EnVyUs needing the game to stand a chance of going through. Again the teams were never more than 2 rounds apart with the score constantly alternating. G2 Esports just took it though with a 8-7 lead.  After the switch G2 carried picking up rounds and took the score to 13-7 before EnVyUs responded. It was all to late though and G2 won the game 16-13.


Heroic vs Team Dignitas


In the final match of the day the two Danish sides met, Heroic and Team Dignitas. They started on Cobblestone in what was a very evenly sided first half. The score flickered back and forth between the two teams until it was split 6-6. Then Heroic took the final 3 rounds to bring take the first half 9-6. After the switch it was a completely different story with Dignitas dominating most of the half and their brilliant performance saw them take the game 16-11.

It was over to Nuke for the next game with Heroic on the T side. It didnt start well for them however as Dignitas picked up the first 6 rounds. Heroic responded well to bring the score back to 6-7 but Dignitas took the half 9-6. Heroic had it all to do in the second half to keep their chances alive. They did just that and after a competitive well fought out half they took the second game 16-12.

That meant there would be one more game to go which was on Mirage, Team Dignitas started stronger and were 7-1 up before Heroic managed to salvage some rounds to tighten the gap, the half ended 9-6 to Dignitas. After the switch Heroic came back fighting to take the game to 12-11 to them. Team Dignitas didn’t panic though and secured the last 5 rounds to win 16-12 in the end.


So there we have it, another day, another great show of action from the Starladder Series. Join us again tomorrow as we look forward to the Semi-finals on the penultimate day of the tournament.



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