Ninjas in Pyjamas take Lenovo Cup

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Ninjas in Pyjamas take the Lenovo Cup after beating REUNITED in the final.


After a gruelling few weeks of groups and knockout stages, NiP were victorious in the first Lenovo Cup for Overwatch. They sailed through the tournament and took home the $5,000 1st prize overcoming REUNITED in the grand final.

NiP started in Group B with the likes of Team Dignitas, Luminosity Gaming and ANOX. They brushed past their opponents without too much trouble, winning all their match-ups and only dropping a single game in the process. They qualified as group leaders and went on to face Group A’s second place finishers REUNITED. They struggled greatly and it was a opposite story to the group stage. They lost the game 3-0 and were put into the losers bracket where they needed to win an extra game to reach the finals.

In the first of the knockout stages  it was Team Dignitas they came up against. After securing a 3-1 victory over them in the group, they went into the game hoping to replicate this form. They did just that and came away with the same scoreline they beat them with in the group. It was onto another team they had faced in the group stage next, Luminosity Gaming. They proved too strong for Luminosity and secured their place in losers bracket semi-finals with a repeat of the group stage score 3-0.

The semis saw Nip take on winners of Group A, Misfits. NiP took the first map on Dorado before Misfits came back and took the next map, Hollywood. NiP responded straight away however and saw out the rest of the game with wins on Watchpoint and Numbani.



NiP met REUNITED for the second time this tournament looking for revenge in the grand final. They started out on Volskaya with NiP starting on the attack side. REUNITED showed some great team coordination to keep NiP back from point A but 1 minute from time NiP secured the point. NiP managed to secure point B much quicker with a nice Graviton Surge from Mafu paired with a Pulse Bomb from Zappis they gained the point within a minute. Its was more of the same for REUNITED, they struggled to get past NiP’s defense until the last minute to secure point A. It left them a similar time to secure point B but they hardly had any ultimates compared to what NiP had. They did secure the point eventually but it wasn’t within NiP’s time. NiP started on defense for the next round and were able to prevent REUNITED from securing point B. NiP then secured both points on their turn attacking and took the first game.


It was onto Numbani for the second map with NiP on the attacking side. They went for four tanks on the team and stormed point A without too much trouble. They moved the payload towards the point only to be stopped by an enemy Graviton Surge. NiP’s Fragi layed down an earth shatter in response and with help from his teammates, wiped out the enemy team. It was a remarkable round from NiP with no deaths…. yes that’s right, NO deaths. Over to REUNITED who had it all to do to keep up with NiP. Again they struggled to take the first point and left it until overtime had kicked in to gain control. It was more of the same for the payload point, they needed overtime to secure the first point. The last point proved to be just that bit too far though and overtime wasn’t enough this time. NiP took the second map and needed the third to secure the final.


Watchpoint was the setting for the third map with REUNITED starting on the attacking side.  They took point A with 30 seconds to spare and pushed onto the next. It was left to the last 30 seconds again to secure the second point but they were looking likely to set a time at least. It just wasn’t to be however and NiP closed them off the final point. NiP were brilliant once they switched over to the attack side. They secured the first two points without any trouble and left themselves with plenty of time to take the final point. REUNITED kept them off it for a short while with a nice team kill on the final stretch but NiP cam strong again and secured the point and the match.


Congratulation to Ninjas in Pyjamas on their Lenovo Cup win. They take home the top prize of $5,000. They only lost a single game in the group stages and then got revenge on REUNITED in the final. The four tank team seemed to be hard to counter when played right and looks set to be a tactical option we may see more of. What did you think of the first Lenovo Overwatch Cup? Let us know in the comments below.



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Love all things Hearthstone, Overwatch and CS:GO. Chelsea FC fan. You'll usually find me on a PC, mobile or Xbox.

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