MonteCristo Set To Miss Worlds Due To Wage Row With Riot


OGN casters Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles and Erik ‘DoA’ Lonnquist will not be appearing at this year’s League of Legends World Championships hosted in the US.

DoA and MonteCristo are names that League fans will automatically associate with the LCK or indeed the Korean scene as a whole. It is a shame then that this will be the first time since the season 2, which was also held in the US back in 2013, where the pair will not represent the Korean teams through their charming casting synergy at the world championship.

Lonnquist was invited by Riot Games to cast in the event but declined the offer due to ‘upcoming esports obligations’, he told ESPN. Mykles, on the other hand, was told in early August that he would not be contacted by Riot in regards to his involvement in the casting team at worlds.

It is assumed that this development has somewhat come about after MonteCristo’s and Renegades’ recent ruling during the spring split earlier in the season. Riot Games, however, has said that their decision will have no effect on MonteCristo’s casting career while at OGN, IEM or at any other competitions. Riot also added that Monte’s contract while in Korea is strictly between himself and OGN.

It has since been known that OGN have plans to start a 28 team Overwatch league, called Overwatch APEX. This will be the ‘upcoming obligation’ that DoA has during the League of Legends world championship. OGN announced that both DoA and MonteCristo will be involved in the project. APEX is due to start on 7th October through to December this year.  

It is not the first time that Lonnquist and Mykles have had a disagreement with Riot and their methods. The pair, along with their co-caster in Korea, Chris ‘Papasmithy’ Smith, did not appear at the Mid-Season Invitational which was held at the Oriental Sports Centre in Shanghai throughout May. This was after a disagreement regarding their payment terms. It was found that the OGN casting team were only being offered between 40 and 70 percent of what they expected. Although no official numbers were released by either Riot Games or the OGN team, it can be assumed that as the average pay casters are getting at these big events for games such as StarCraft 2 and DotA 2 is around $25,000, then they were being offered within $10,000 and $17,500.

It is now understood that after this information was passed between the casters and Riot, the OGN casters were offered a ‘nominal increase’. However, this was clearly not a satisfactory sum for Mykles and Co.

It is important to note that this pay rate differs from those who work for Riot Games. Those who are employed by Riot to cast, host or analyse are paid a salary regardless of how many events they are involved in.

As of now, Papasmithy has been included as part of the casting team at the season 6 world championship. The first group stage kicks off the tournament on 30th September 00:30 BST with G2 vs CLG.




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Journalism student with a passion for gaming, fashion and music, Long time jungler, fan of League of Legends and all things ESports.

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