Misfits Win Overwatch Open

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Misfits claimed the Overwatch Open top prize after beating Team EnVyUs in the finals.


In what was the Overwatch tournament with the biggest prize so far, European and North American teams faced off for a share of the $300,000 prize pool. The two regions were split into four groups of four for each region. In the North American leagues were Team EnVyUs, NRG eSports, Team Liquid, Splyce, Fnatic, Cloud9, Method and Immortals. With the the European roster consisting of Ninjas in Pyjamas, FaZe Clan, Team Dignitas, REUNITED, Rogue, Misfits, Luminosity Gaming and ANOX.

The four teams which topped the groups were Team EnVyUs, Rogue, NiP and Fnatic. They all won their opening two games with Rogue and EnVyUs not dropping a single game in the process. When the group games concluded the top two teams in each would go into region specific knockout games.

The top two NA teams were Fnatic and EnVyUs who went head to head in their regions final. It started out on Kings Row with Fnatic grabbing the early advantage after EnVyUs failed to secure the point. It was all downhill from there for Fnatic however. They lost the next three games, failing to replicate their first game form. Team EnVyUs secured their place in the grand final after still going unbeaten since August.

In the European playoff eventual winners Misfits took on Rogue who had looked strong througout. They first met on Kings Row with Misfits picking up the first game. Rogue fought back and won the next two games on Watchpoint and Route 66. The last two games were very closely fought out battles with Misfits edging both maps.

Team EnVyUs vs Misfits

King’s Row

King’s Row

Misfits started on the offensive side and secured the first point with a nice coordinated team storm from the balcony. This gave them good momentum and they moved the payload without much trouble whatsoever. Everytime EnVyUs tried to defend, Misfits were to strong and in sync as a team and parried off the attack. They secured the point in a really good time leaving EnVyUs with a lot to do.

EnVyUs struggled to secure the point at first but a nicely timed Mercy revive from Sebastian ‘chipshajen’ Widlund helped them to grab it.  It was a constant battle from there out with each team exchanging punches. EnVyUs pushed the payload over the first point with less than a minute remaining to extend their time. Then a nice Death Blossom from Ronnie ‘Talespin’ DuPree helped EnVyUs take the last point.

EnVyUs had to defend the point for just over 4 minutes to secure the first map. They started well repelling all of Misfits advances with some great team exchanges. It proved to much in the end with Misfits taking control of the point in the late stages, needing overtime to win the game.


Team EnVyUs started well gaining control of the first point early. They didnt hold out for long before Misfits secured themselves. Then a nicely timed Gravition Surge from EnVyUs led to them gaining control again. The held the point and gained 99% score until Misfits came once again, they snatched the point in overtime and took the score too 99% themselves. Then Misfits Jonathan ‘Kryw’ Nobre picked off some nice late kills as reaper to secure the round,

It was more of the same at the second point with EnVyUs gaining the early advantage. They held onto the point until they reached 95% then Misfits fought back. Misfits couldn’t fend off EnVyUs however and a nice push from them led to EnVyUs regaining the point and taking the second round.

It was Misfits turn to gain the early advantage, securing the point first. They held onto the point for 84% of the time needed before EnVyUs gained control. It was a back and forth for short time before EnVyUs were able to win the third round. Even with strong advances from Misfits which forced overtime.

EnVyUs were 2-1 up on rounds and needed to secure this round to win the game. The secured the point first and held on to it right until 99%. Misfits needed overtime to put any points on the board and were able to secure it for a short time before EnVyUs came. Some nice hogger play and a Graviton Surge helped EnVyUs to take the point and win the game 3-1.


EnVyUs started on the offensive side and were able to escort the payload to the first point in good time, leaving themselves 5 miuntes to secure the second. Misfits put up a rock solid defense however and didnt give EnVyUs a inch of space once they were in the hangar. It looked like EnVyUs had finally broken the defence before Andreas ‘Nevix’ Karlsson pulled off a nice triple kill as Mccree. Misfits held on and EnVyUs only managed to secure the first point.

Misfits set themselves a reasonable target to reach and started out well, picking up the first point in a little bit more time than EnVyUs did previously. Misfits had the advantage with ultimates going into the second point but EnVyUs showed some solid defensive capabilities to temporarily halt Misfits. They couldn’t withstand the pressure for long though and Misfits took the point and the 3rd game.

Lijang Tower

All the pressure was on EnVyUs who needed to win the next two games to take the grand prize. It start well for them as Misfits gained the first point early. It was a brilliant back and forth battle for the point with the score going 99% – 99% for the second time this match. It was Misfits who gained the first round though with all there players picking up some part of the action to push EnVyUs off.

EnVyUs gained advantage on the next point and stayed there until they hit a 91% score. They were probably kicking themselves for not holding out that bit longer. Misfits took the point and they brought their score up to 85%. It was a brilliant central battle for control but and it was down to overtime and the two tracers. Misfits Terrence ‘SoOn’ Tarlier misread the situation however and allowed Talespin to gain the point and the second round.

Over the next two points, Misfits really shut out EnVyUs. Almost all of the control games had been back an forth, fighting for control with big battles in the middle but the 3rd round was mainly dominated by Misfits. It was more of the same in the fourth and final round as they captured the point originally and only lost it once allowing EnVyUs a glimmer of hope. It wasn’t to be however and Misfits saw out the game, defending the point superbly once they had gained it.


So a big congratulations to Misfits who pick up the biggest Overwatch prize to date. They took their $100,000 share of the $300,000 prize pool and will go down in Overwatch history. We really enjoyed this tournament and it just goes to show why Overwatch was the most popular new games on Twitch last year. It’s rise in the eSports scene is definitely going be interesting to watch and we look forward to more tournaments like this.




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