World Championships Day 1 Roundup

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Take a look at the action from Day 1 of the League of Legends World Championships.

We have the tournament’s opening matches stats, VODs and roundups brought to you by ESTO. Day 1 see’s matches from Group A, Group C and Group D. Let’s see what happened.


Today’s matches:
G2 16:30 CLG | ROX 17:30 ANX | H2k 18:30 ahq | INTZ 19:30 EDG | SSG 20:30 SPY | TSM 21:30 RNG

G2 Esports vs Counter Logic Gaming


Jake “Xmithie” Puchero and the rest of the CLG boys showed the world why you should never write the NA LCS points winners off. They looked good here against the EU top seeds, G2 Esports. The game was relatively close through the initial stages but a hard pressing performance forced the hand of G2, who just couldn’t keep the pace.

A few brilliant teleports and an inspired performance from Xmithie, which annulled G2’s biggest threat – Trick, were the key reasons for the CLG win here. G2 will have to improve if they are to have hope of progressing from this group. CLG have given themselves hope of progressing, it seems as though the camp with Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin has given them an extra dynamic in the Jungle.



G2 Esports 0-1 Counter Logic Gaming
Expect 3/2/0 Jayce Top Poppy 2/2/7 Darshan
Trick 1/3/2 Elise Jungle Olaf 6/0/5 Xmithie
Perkz 0/3/0 Syndra Mid Vladimir 2/0/7 Huhi
Zven 0/2/1 Jhin ADC Caitlyn 4/1/8 Stixxay
Mithy  0/4/3 Braum Support Nami 0/1/13 aphromoo
KDA    4/14/6 | 14/4/40 KDA
Towers  3 | 9 Towers
Gold  53.4k | 64.6k Gold


ROX Tigers vs Albus NoX Luna


ANX gave a good account of themselves here against the Korean tournament favourites, ROX. In our Group A preview I noted that ANX are usually an agressive team, I can be forgiven they might have toned it down a little when playing ROX. They didn’t, which resulted in them drawing first blood and leading the early stages of the game.

It wasn’t long before ROX came into their own. Strong performances from Kim “PraY” Jong-in and Yoon “Peanut” Wang-ho ensured that the status quo was resumed by the 10 minutes mark and ROX went on to take in comfortable fashion. ANX have shown enough in this match to dampen any hopes G2 or CLG might have had for an easy 0-2 record against the Russian team.



Rox Tigers 1-0 Albus NoX Luna
Smeb 5/2/12 Rumble Top Shen 3/4/6 Smurf
Peanut 5/1/11 Elise Jungle Graves 4/5/5 PvPStejos
Kuro 4/5/12 Jayce Mid Vladimir 3/7/5 Kira
PraY 13/1/7 Lucian ADC Jhin 2/7/5 aMiracle
GorillA 1/3/24 Nami Support Bard 0/5/3 Likkrit
KDA    28/12/66 | 12/28/24 KDA
Towers  10 | 0 Towers
Gold    60.8k | 40.4k Gold


H2k-Gaming vs ahq e-Sports Club


Neither team performed particularly well in this match up, both exhibiting some early-tournament nerves. Throughout the game H2k had several different opportunities to snowball and take a decisive lead, yet failed to act on any of them. Meanwhile ahq, and in particular Liu “Westdoor” Shu-Wei, made too many mistakes throughout the game. I’d say there are at least 10 teams at this tournament that would have closed this game out against ahq, if not more. Although it took a while, ahq did come into their own towards the end, with Chen “Ziv” Yi playing a particularly strong Top lane.

Both these teams, individually and collectively, need to improve if they hope to make it our of their group. Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and Oskar “VandeR” Bogdan didn’t offer their usual level of support for H2k, which isolated the rest of the team. If they do, H2k will be a different proposition for ahq come their rematch. If Westdoor can replicate the form his had shown during the LMS regional qualifiers, ahq could provide a serious threat to the mid-top tier teams in this tournament.



H2k-Gaming 0-1 ahq e-Sports Club
Odoamne 2-3-4 Gnar Top Rumble 5/2/6 Rumble
Jankos 0-3-5 Elise Jungle Olaf 3/3/9 Mountain
Ryu 5/2/4 Cassiopeia Mid Malzhar 2/3/6 Westdoor
FORG1VEN 3/2/2 Catilyn ADC Jinx 2/2/6 AN
Vander 1/4/3 Braum Support Bard 2/1/9 Albis
KDA    11/14/18 | 14/11/36 KDA
Towers     4 | 10 Towers
Gold    78.7k | 87.9k  Gold


INTZ e-Sports vs Edward Gaming


This game is possibly one of the biggest shocks we’ve seen in the World Championships six-year history. Edward Gaming came into this tournament as one of the favourites, and our pick to lift the cup. INTZ, the Brazilian International Wildcard qualifiers, should have been a nice easy game to ease them into the Worlds. INTZ had other plans. Gabriel “Revolta” Henud playing Jungle worked wonders with his Top lane team mate – Felipe “Yang” Zhao, to nullify the threat of EDG’s Top laner, Yu-hao “Mouse” Chen.

So what next for EDG? Well, they’re going to have to improve, a lot, if they still harbour hopes of winning this tournament. As well as INTZ played, and they did play amazingly at times, EDG were poor in this game. Ming “Clearlove” Kai made some questionable plays throughout the game, showing nothing close to his LPL Summer Split form that has lead to him being regarded as the best Jungler in the world. As for INTZ, if they keep performing like this, ahq and H2k should worry.



INTZ e-Sports 1-0 Edward Gaming
Yang 6/2/7 Gnar Top Irelia 1/7/3 Mouse
Revolta 3/1/11 Lee Sin Jungle Graves 1/3/7 ClearLove
Tockers 5/0/3 Syndra Mid Vladimir 5/2/4 PawN
micaO 4/5/7 Ashe ADC Ezreal 3/3/7 Deft
Jockster 1/4/8 Braum Support Nami 2/4/8 Meiko
KDA    19/12/36 | 12/19/29 KDA
Towers  10 | 3 Towers
Gold    82.5k | 67.8k Gold


Samsung vs Splyce 


That’s 0-3 for the EU LCS teams now, who don’t look deserving of the three seeds they’ve been given for this tournament. In truth, Splyce were always going to struggle at this tournament, they have looked a different team since the introduction of the new meta. Their team fighting, once their strength, is what let them down in this match. They lost a couple of prolonged team fights, which allowed SSG to baron buff, after which Splyce never looked like recovering. Martin “Wunder” Hansen had a particularly rough game, running into trouble time after time on the Top lane.

Splyce will need to really step it up if they harbour any hope of advancing from this group, with this supposedly the easier game of the three. If they continue on this vain of form it is quite possible that they will go 0-6 in this group. This is only the first game, so it would be rash to draw such a conclusion, but there will need to be some sort of improvement from Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle, Jonas “Trashy” Andersen and Wunder to give Splyce fans hope of progression.



Samsung 1-0 Splyce
Cuvee 4/2/8 Rumble Top Kled 1/6/6 Wunder
Ambition 2/3/14 Rek’Sai Jungle Graves 2/4/4 Trashy
Crown 9/2/7 Viktor Mid Cassiopeia 7/6/3 Sencux
Ruler 4/3/5 Ezreal ADC Jinx 3/2/5 Kobbe
Wraith 3/4/16 Nami Support Tahmkench 1/6/3 Mikyx
KDA    19/13/40 | 13/19/21 KDA
Towers   11 | 1 Towers
Gold     71.0k | 54.7k Gold



Team SoloMid vs Royal Never Give Up


All hail Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong. I haven’t seen him play like this since the World Championships 2014 win with Samsung Galaxy White. RNG have set down a real marker in this game, we all knew they had the talent but they now seem like they have the organisation too. Again, I’m trying not to get too carried away, this is only the first game after all, but colour me impressed. Vincent “Biofrost” Wang  and Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng being overcome in the Bot lane attributed to TSM losing this match. Biofrost looked like a player who hadn’t competed at this level before, but he will have to get used to doing so, and fast.

I’m not to worried about TSM’s chances just yet, they have shown enough in this game for me to believe they can still qualify from this group, but their next match against SSG will be important. RNG on the other hand have moved up in my estimations, if they continue like this I see no reason for them not to be considered a top 4 team in this tournament. A lot will really on whether Mata can maintain this level of form.



Team SoloMid 1-0 Royal Never Give Up
Hauntzer 1/4/3 Kennen Top Rumble 0/1/11 Looper
Svenskeren 3/3/3 Lee Sin Jungle Hecarim 3/1/9 Mlxg
Bjergsen 2/2/2 Orianna Mid Cassiopeia 6/2/5 xiaohu
Doublelift 1/5/0 Jhin ADC Sivir 7/1/9 Uzi
Biofrost 0/3/3 Nami Support Alistar 1/2/15 Mata
KDA  7/17/11 | 17/7/49 KDA
Towers  4| 8 Towers
Gold 61.9k | 70.2k Gold




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