About Us

The Team 

ESportsTakeover (ESTO) was formed by a group of gaming enthusiasts in the UK. The aim of the ESTO community is to bring together like-minded people by providing information and insight into the ever-growing ESports world. Using our collective knowledge and experience, we will help introduce newcomers to the magnificent world of online gaming. We will provide a place where experienced gamers can express their views, read/comment on the views of others and find up-to-date information. We all know the ESports industry is booming and we believe that it is people like us, that have been here since the beginning, that have a duty to share information and help the industry grow.

What We Do

As mentioned above, we are a group of gaming enthusiasts. Most of us have known each other for over two decades and we are all passionate about different things. We are by no means experts, we have played in a few tournaments - with little success, but we are passionate about the gaming industry. Our writing is mostly based on our own opinions therefore you may agree or disagree with what we say but we enjoy a good debate!

We all do this as a hobby, we have regular jobs and lives that dictate a lot of our time but what time we do have free, we love to spend here. We have the opportunity to speak to a lot of people from around the globe playing the games we enjoy and, as we all know, gamers are an opinionated bunch! We hope to use our collective knowledge to help and for this reason we have decided to accept article submissions, that we process and review, with a view of publishing a select few on our page. For more information on article submissions, click here.

Where To Find Us

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